Salvaged Human Artifacts

Salvaged Human Artifacts

The Humans may be gone (and we pray it's forever), but we honor their legacy... with these crazy prices! Now you can imagine you are a member of the Galaxy's most-feared race, with none of the downsides!


This salvage pack was collected at great risk by our most intrepid archaeologists. It contains:


  1. Three (3) one-inch buttons:

    1. I ♥ My Species

    2. I Am Special and Unique (and the Network Values Me)

    3. Parenting Is Hard

  2. Four (4) stickers:

    1. Restricted Species (holographic!)

    2. Sarya - I Am Beautiful (holographic!)

    3. Human Watch

    4. Do Not Approach

  3. One (1) enamel pin. (For your safety, we do not recommend you wear this in public anywhere in Sectors 1160 through 32950.)

  4. Small (4"x6") human artifact bag to store your human artifacts in

  5. A handful of random glossy postcards by Vincent Proce (Pacific Rim, IT, Magic the Gathering).

  6. One (1) invitation for your species to join the Galactic Network.

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