Salvaged Human Artifacts

Salvaged Human Artifacts

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The Humans may be gone (and we pray it's forever), but we honor their legacy... with these crazy prices! Now you can imagine you are a member of the Galaxy's most-feared race, with none of the downsides!


This salvage pack was collected at great risk by our most intrepid archaeologists. It contains the following items, (give or take some variety):


  • One (1) NETWORK button
  • One (1) enamel HUMAN pin (For your safety, we do not recommend you wear this in public anywhere in Sectors 1160 through 32950)
  • Five (5) 3-inch BUDDIES stickers

    Garrodine the Lesser

    Mont Grinn, 65th of His Name



    Sarya the Daughter

  • One (1) or more WARNING stickers

    Human Watch

    Restricted Species

    Do Not Approach

  • Seven (7) glossy postcards by Vincent Proce (Pacific Rim, IT, Magic the Gathering)

  • One (1) invitation for your species to join the Galactic Network.


Please note: these items change rapidly and it may not currently be a perfect match with the product picture.