Kid Pack

Kid Pack

Do you have offspring? Do those offspring like owning paper-based products? The folks in our Xeno-Hospitality Division have been hard at work painstakingly modeling these two-dimensional adhesive ornamental devices (i.e. "stickers"). Excellent for thigh-mounted computational devices (i.e. "tablets") or any other boring flat surface.


Five (5) 3-inch stickers:

- Garrodine the Lesser

- Mont Grinn, 65th of His Name

- Welpington

- Lefty

- Sarya the Daughter


Two (2) 2-inch stickers:

- Model 3600 Courier Drone

- Model 9800 Scanner Drone (Toothbot)


One (1) enamel HUMAN pin

- For your safety, we do not recommend you wear this in public anywhere in Sectors 1160 through 32950.



- For you.